Preferred Power Products P3 DC12-16-5 CCTV Power Supply

Bulk CCTV Store is now a full stocking supplier for all of the Preferred Power Products CCTV power supplies. These power supplies have many exciting features and are priced right.


The P3DC-12-16-5 is a CCTV power center engineered to manage remote camera and accessory power requirements. The P3DC-12-16-5 distribution module is designed with 16 individually fused output for powering up to 16 CCTV cameras or accessories.

Convenient screw terminal and fuse access, separation panel between transformers and output access and a lockable heavy gauge metal enclosure are just a few of the features of this power supply. All of the Preferred Power Products power supplies use easy to find automotive fuses! No more searching a countless number of stores to find the small barrel fuses.

This power supply is also available in a 28 volt version and also has the option of circuit breakers instead of fuses.

Try one of these power supplies today. Finally a company that had installers in mind!


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