Security Tag Remover

Bulk CCTV Store now carries a full line of security tag detatchers. These security tag removers can remove most common types of electronic article surveillance tags. Some common types of tags are mini hard tags, pencil style, large hard tags, Sensormatic AMT 1000 tags, Knogo Super Satellite Tags, Onvi Security Tags, Checkpoint UFO tags and universal ink tags. These removers work for most Checkpoint, Sensormatic and Knogo security tags.

There are 4 main types of security tag removers.

The first is the most commonly used remover in the retail industry. This is a magnetic security tag remover. This remover is mounted to the checkout counter  and the backer or round part of the tag is inserted in to the center of the remover. This type of remover works on standard three ball tags. These detachers work on most security tags.

The next most widely used security tag remover is the super golf tag remover. These removers can remove any of the tags that have a round back. The magnet is twice as strong as the standard security tag remover allowing great force to remove stronger tags.

Sensormatic has two types of tags that require a special remover. The older Gator Tags use a remover that bends the tag in two places to allow the pin to be removed. These tags are not as common in the market place because they are easier to remove by bending or breaking the tag. The newer model of tag uses a curved hook. This hook is inserted in the side of the tag and curves around to release the pin. These tags are much harder to remove with out the tag remover.

Security tags can be used to protect everything from clothing to power tools. Tags come in every shape and size.

For more information on security tags see our full line of security tags and security tag removers at :

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