Ganz ZC-D5000 Series Cameras

The Ganz ZC-D5000 Series of high-quality analog dome cameras offer an amazing amount of features and options for any surveillance setup.  Some of those options include 7 different Computar CS Mount Varifocal lenses, and either True Day/Night or Digital Day/Night versions.  Also, an optional heater is available for cold weather installations as well as an NVT transmitter to allow transmission along UTP lines including CAT 5 cable.

All of the cameras are capable of a Super High Resolution image at 540 TVL.  In addition, all cameras can be powered by either DC 12V or AC 24v thanks to their built-in auto sensing dual voltage input.  They possess Zoom and Focus controls with locking screws to keep your camera’s image clear at all times, and a detachable service monitor cable to help ease the setup of those zoom and focus controls.  The cameras also contain Ganz’s proprietary 3-axis Pan/Tilt/Rotation mechanism to allow you to point the camera in whichever direction is necessary. Output from the camera is done with a standard video cable with BNC connector.


Ganz supplies a multitude of options when it comes to mounting their ZC-D5000 series cameras.  When it comes to indoor mounts, there’s the standard Surface and Flush mounts, the Pendant mount or the Wall mount.  They also offer several outdoor/ impact-resistant mounts including a Universal Outdoor Housing, Bottom View for Flush mounting, and outdoor versions of the Pendant and Wall mounts. currently carries a wide assortment of Ganz ZC-D5000 Series cameras including:

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