American Dynamics Intellex LT Digital Video Management Systems

The Intellex line of DVR systems by American Dynamics is the most popular digital video recording solution in the industry. The line is composed of 4 different models for a wide variety of installations including the Ultra, DVMS, LT, and IP versions.

The Intellex LT DVR system is a high quality DVR system designed for those customers looking to provide surveillance coverage to a single site, with basic networking capabilities.  It is the perfect solution for small retail stores, healthcare facilities, and small offices. The Dvr includes either 250GB or 500GB of hard drive space capable of holding up to 450 hours of video recording, and is available in 4, 8, and 16 Channel models.  All models can be remotely managed and monitored using American Dynamics’ Network Client Remote Management Software, which has the added option of password authorization to increase the security of your video surveillance network.  Some other features of the system include SmartSearch capabilities, simultaneous record and playback, single channel recording of both audio and text, and one click export of video, audio, and text to a CD-RW.

At, we carry all configurations of the American Dynamics Intellex LT systems as well as many other offerings from American Dynamics including their Illustra IP Cameras, Discover Mini Dome Cameras, Discover Bullet Cameras, and SpeedDome Optima and Ultra PTZ Cameras to complement any of their Digital Video Management Systems.

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