VivoTek FD7141 IP Security Camera

VIVOTEK FD7141 IP Security Camera is a professional grade vandal proof and weather proof 2 megapixel network camera. The vandal proof rating on this security camera allows this camera to be mounted in higher risk environments. The VIVOTEK FD7141 features Infrared illumination for use in total darkness.

The VIVOTEK FD7141 IP Security Camera has a Wide Dynamic Range CMOS sensor. The Wide Dynamic Range CMOS sensor allows the camera to be used in challenging lighting conditions like the entryway to a retail store.

IP Network Security Cameras use Cat5e or Cat6e for both power and data transmission. Each security camera is connected to a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) networking switch. Recording is done by either a Network Video Recorder (NVR) usualy located on site but video can be streamed to a remote site or the video can be recorded to an SD card installed in the back of the camera.

A heater and blower come pre-installed in the VIVOTEK FD7141 IP Security Camera. This allows the camera to be installed in most outdoor weather conditions.

For more information on the VIVOTEK FD7141 please visit the sales page below.

VivoTek FD7141 IP Security Camera

Bulk CCTV Store carries a full line of VIVOTECK IP Security cameras.

Useful Links – VIVOTEK FD7141

VIVOTEK FD7141 – Manufacturer Product Page

VIVOTEK FD7141 – Data Sheet (PDF)

VIVOTEK FD7141 – User Manual (PDF)

VIVOTEK FD7141 – Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Video Guides – VIVOTEK FD7141


Product Guide

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