Channel Vision CC-372 3 Gang Home Theater Connection Center with Expansion Ports for additional Connections

Channel Vision has made terminating all of your home theater connections a breeze with there new Home Theater Connection Center CV-CC-372. The Home Theater Connection center has jacks for connecting front, side, rear, center speakers and sub-woofers. The CC-372 also has 6 keystone jacks for adding any type of connection in to the plate you may require. Available keystone jacks include BNC Type, F-Type, Cat5 RJ 45, RCA, IR Breakout inserts and many other types of connectors.

Take a look at these plates for your next home theater job and make that mess a cables a thing of the past.

Channel Vision CC-372 3 Gang Home Theater Connection Center with Expansion Ports for additional Connections

This same plate is also available in a 2-gang version.

Channel Vision - CC-272 Multimedia Home Theater Connection Center

CCTV Siamese Security Camera Cable

CCTV Siamese Security Camera Cable consists of both an RG 59 coaxial cable and two 18 AWG power cables. Because the cable has both the power and video in a single cable it makes CCTV security camera installation a breeze. CCTV Siamese Security Camera Cable allows installers to pull a single cable to each camera. Siamese cable is sold in 500 foot and 1,000 foot spools.

After running the cable to each location the RG59 coax cable, use a Coax Cable Stripper to prep the end of the cable for termination. After stripping the cable install either a twist BNC, crimp BNC or compression BNC connector on the end of the cable. For crimp on BNC connectors you will need to make sure you order a Hex BNC Crimp tool. If you order the compression BNC connectors you will need to also order a BNC compression tool. The twist on BNC connectors require no additional tool, this makes this connector great for installs of just a few cameras.

Once you have your video connection done you need to splice in a DC power adapter wire. You will need a Female 2.1mm DC Plug for the side of the cable for the camera. On the other side of the cable if you are using a power supply box you will not need any additional connectors. If you are using a wall transformer you will need to purchase a Male 2.1mm DC Plug.

Bulk CCTV Store only sells the best quality cable. Our CCTV Siamese Security Camera cable is 95% copper braid with a 100% copper core, and the 18 AWG cable is solid copper. Watch out for other cable vendors selling very low grade aluminum cable. There are even cable retails out there selling cable that has Copper Clad Aluminum power cable! Make sure that the cable you are buying will stand the test of time and have the quality needed for the best possible picture.

1000ft Siamese cable RG59/U + 2/18 Power / Video, 100% Copper Core, 95% Shield


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